Best Laptops for Developers

I can understand your pain of having a slow system. I have also been in that same situation couple of years before, but after investing in a well-configured laptop I realized a huge improvement in my learning curve & productivity. so I decided to share a few thoughts before you make an investment

What may go wrong?

  • Budget: Don’t think too much about the budget when comes to buying a laptop, because the minimum developer salary in India is Rs.4,00,000 / year. so you can easily earn your investment back within 1 year.
  • Short-term Thinking: Many people think like this, ” I’ll buy a low configured/used laptop for now, after a few months, I’ll buy a new laptop“. If you’re the kind of that person, please stop thinking like that. When you buy well-configured laptop, it’ll increase your productivity, faster learning, speed development. Note: you can use it for the next 5 years

How to pick a laptop for development?

As a developer, we need a fast & reliable laptop, because it saves a lot of time. but what decides that?

  1. Processor is playing an important role when comes to performance (eg. app build time, execution time..etc). so I recommend you to buy a laptop which has of min. i5 RAM or equivalent
  2. RAM Size:  Min 8GB
  3. Storage: Min 256 GB SSD Harddrive (please don’t buy HDD based)

Personal Recommendation

If you’re very serious about a development career, I strongly recommend buying an Apple laptop without even thinking twice. I know, it might be a big investment for you but I can guarantee, you can see a huge change in your career & even lifestyle too.

Just believe me. It works!

MacBook Pro: (High budget)

MacBook Air: (Medium budget)

Mac Mini: (low budget)

Note: Mac mini is only CPU, you also need to buy a keyboard, mouse separately (any brand works)