Flutter Training (Live) for Beginner’s to Advanced Level

Everything you need to know in flutter such as Installation, UI Design,Navigation, Networking, Authentication, 3rd party packages, Firebase, deployment and more…

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Who It’s For?

  • Student: Are you a fresher or college student, who wants to build your career into app development? This is a perfect course for you. (No coding skill required)
  • Working Professional: Got a flutter project in your company? (or) want to switch your career into app development, this course will give more in-depth knowledge
  • Freelancer: If you’re a freelancer who wants to build a mobile app using flutter, this is the right course for you.
  • Entrepreneur: Have an idea? but don’t know how to convert it into a real app. This flutter course helps you to convert your idea into a real app from scratch

What you’ll get?

  • Courses: High-Quality courses with step by step guides (no details missed)
  • Study Material: Videos, Source Code, PDF & tools to extend your knowledge.
  • Community: Private community exclusively for flutter developers
  • Certificate: Verifiable Course Completion Certificate
  • Support: Don’t understand the concept? or facing issues? chat with us instantly.
  • Pay once & Get lifetime access to courses, material, community & support.


  • System Requirements: Min 4GB RAM, 100GB Disk Space, i3 (or equivalent) Processor
  • Software: Zoom, Remaining tools will be installed on session
  • Skill: Basics of any programming skill (no need to be an expert)

What you’ll learn?

Flutter Training Course Content

UI Basics:

  • Learn how to display Text & Style theme
  • Display Image from Network & Locally
  • Working with Container, Center, Buttons & other basic widgets


  • Learn how to work with Row, Column, and Stack widget
  • Building a complex UI with Row & Column
  • ListView & GridView
  • SingleChildScrollView

Material Design:

  • Learn about MaterialApp, Scaffold, and App Theming
  • Learn about Tabbar, Bottom Navigation, Drawer, and other material widgets

Custom Widgets:

  • Learn how to create your own widget
  • Understand the difference between stateless & Stateful widget
  • How to create a custom widget in a proper way.

  • Learn how to run your dart program on the web & locally
  • Learn about Variables, String, List, Map..etc
  • Learn about Conditions & Loops
  • Class & Object
  • Implementing 3rd party packages
  • and more..

  • Learn How to create multi-page apps
  • Passing data from one page to another page
  • Passing data between one widget to other widgets
  • How to maintain state across multiple pages

  • What is networking & Why do we need it?
  • Learn about how to connect remote server
  • Handle REST API with JWT Authentication
  • Upload & Download files to a remote server

Media Handling:

  • Learn how to access Camera & Gallery
  • Play Audio & Video

Location Handling:

  • Accessing Device Location using GPS Sensor
  • Share data to other apps
  • Working with Google Maps & Geocoding


  • JWT Authentication
  • Email Authentication
  • Facebook Authentication
  • Google Authentication


  • Integrate Payment Gateway
  • Working with Google Ads
  • Social Sharing
  • and more..

  • What is firebase & why?
  • How to setup firebase
  • Authentication: Email, Facebook, Google
  • Firestore: How to perform CRUD operation with filter queries
  • Storage: Upload & Download files
  • Push Notification: Register & Send push notification
  • Cloud Function: Working with triggers & actions
  • Hosting: Deploy your apps into firebase hosting
  • and more..

  • How to prepare for deployment
  • Deploying apps into Google PlayStore
  • Deploying apps into Apple AppStore
  • Deploy apps on Web
  • Learn how to automate deployment process using CI/CD

  • How apps are making money?
  • A different source for income as an app developer
  • How to get a high-paying job & kill your competition
  • How to start a freelancing career without quitting your job
  • How to validate your app idea without breaking your bank balance.

#Project 1: Grocery Delivery – User App

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#Project 2:Grocery Delivery Store App

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What Students are Saying?

Maximiliano Eb, Mexico

It was a great course, I started with zero knowledge about flutter and now I feel more confident using it, the course is very good introducing you to the core concepts and in-practice use of the widgets and design of UI using flutter. the course contains a lot of topics to face real-work situations. like, design of UI, consumption of API, use of Dart, projects to practice what you learned, state management, use of third-party libraries, the configuration of the project, release of the app into the stores.

Diddier Kantun, Mexico

I had experience in web development, but not in mobile development, so Flutter was something new for me. I liked the structure of the course because it is designed in a way that can be easily learned and thanks to that I was able to learn from basic to advanced topics, so now I feel confident in my knowledge to develop mobile applications. Finally, I would like to recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn Flutter.

Srimaya, India

When I started app development (to building the app myself), Initially I thought to learn myself from videos, free tutorials, and other courses, it took me a very long time to learn & understand concepts. This particular course helped me a lot in creating my own apps.
Thanks, Sundar

Ewaoluwa, Nigeria

First of all thanks to App Making Academy & personal thanks to Sundar for building this amazing platform because I landed my first app developer job after completing this course. I have no words to say thanks to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a 30 days live training program

Yes, we do offer a course completion certificate once you completed our training program

Yes, we do offer study material such as videos, PDF, Source code. Additionally, you get lifetime access to our recorded course.

Yes, we do help with your interview preparation. Additionally qualified students will be a part of our own freelance community

Still, have a question? feel free to reach me