About Me

Hello, world! Myself Sundaravel.

I started appmaking.com to share my knowledge with the world, and also help people to achieve their dream lives with app development. I’m on a mission to help 100k people to transform their life by making apps.

Contact Me:

Email: sundar@appmaking.com
WhatsApp +918248866549

About me:

  • Passionate Computer Programmer
  • 8+ years of experience with Web & Mobile development.
  • Delivered talk in GDG (Google Developer Group) multiple times
  • Worked for Fortune 500 companies & Startups
  • Worked on 30+ Client Projects (as a freelancer)
  • My Achievements in PlayStore
    • #2 in Trending in Education Category (50k+ downloads in 2015)
    • #12 in Social Category (80K+ downloads – 2021)

Services I Offer:

  • Live Training Program
  • Consultation (Career/App) (20USD/hour)
  • App Development Service (starts at $500USD)

Skills I have:

  • Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP)
  • API Development (JWT, OAuth, NodeJS)
  • Database (MySQL, NoSQL, Firestore, Redis)
  • Mobile App Development (Ionic, React Native, Flutter)
  • Other (Payment Gateway, SMS/Email Gateway, Maps API, Geo services, Video calling, and more)