Developer Membership

$37 USD (INR 2,499) – 50% Off

$67 USD (INR 4,999)


Lifetime Access (including new updates) & Support


  • Lifetime access to all programming courses (including upcoming courses)
  • Email/Chat Support
  • Private Community
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Career & Freelancing Guide
  • Interview Questions Ebook
  • Weekly Live Q&A – coming soon

Freelancer Membership

$117 USD (INR 7,999)


Lifetime Access (including new updates) & Support


  • Everything from Developer membership
  • Lifetime access to all courses
  • Email/Chat Support
  • Personal Project Guide
  • Direct Freelancing projects from us
  • Private Freelance Community – coming soon
  • Freelancing Templates (Invoice, Quotation, Agreement, Contract) – coming soon
  • Weekly Live Mentorship + Q&A – coming soon

Frequently Asked Question

Which plan is suited for me?

Developer: If you’re a person who is looking for a career or just to improve your knowledge in coding, you can select a developer membership

Freelancer: If you’re a person who wants to make primary / secondary income (without working under a boss) through development, choose freelance membership

Can I upgrade my membership later?

Yes. of course you can upgrade your membership at any time just by paying a remaining fee (no need to pay the full fee again).

What payment method do you accept?

We accept all types of payments such as Credit/Debit Card, Netbanking, UPI, PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer, WesternUnion, and more. please contact us for more information

Do you provide a course completion certificate?

Yes, we do offer a course completion certificate

Do you provide career offer?

No, we don’t provide job offers directly. instead, we provide job assistance to crack your interview (eg. search job, resume sample, interview questions & tips)

How does a direct freelance project work?

After completing our course, you will have an interview with us to check your eligibility for our freelance community then you’ll be a part of our freelancer club.

Still, have questions?

Feel free to reach us with any questions or doubts