Reviews by Our Students


Filpe, USA

I came from no programming background. I have tried Free Youtube courses, and few paid courses from Udemy, but those didn’t help me a lot. This course is really awesome and more advanced concepts are covered in a simple way.

Rahul, Brazil

When I Started learning flutter myself, I was struggling to understand basic concepts, but this course is explained with simple & Easy to follow lessons. Now I can make my own apps.
Thanks to App Making Academy

Srimaya, India

When I started app development (to building the app myself), Initially I thought to learn myself from videos, free tutorials, and other courses, it took me a very long time to learn & understand concepts. This particular course helped me a lot in creating my own apps.Thanks, Sundar

Ewaoluwa, Nigeria

First of all thanks to App Making Academy & personal thanks to Sundar for building this amazing platform because I landed my first app developer job after completing this course. I have no words to say thanks to you. I strongly recommend this course for everyone who want to learn flutter

Maximiliano Eb, Mexico

It was a great course, I started from zero knowledge about flutter and now I feel more confident using it, the course is very good introducing you to the core concepts and in-preactice use of the widgets and design of UI using flutter. the course contains a lot of topics to face realwork situations. like, design of UI,consume of API, use of Dart, projects to practice what you learnt,state management,use of third party libraries,configuration of the project,realising of the app into the stores.

Diddier Kantun, Mexico

I had experience in web development, but not in mobile development, so Flutter was something new for me. I liked the structure of the course because it is designed in a way that can be easily learned and thanks to that I was able to learn from basic to advanced topics, so now I feel confident in my knowledge to develop mobile applications. Finally, I would like to recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn Flutter.