How To Run Flutter Apps On Android Device (Wireless & USB)

How to run flutter apps on android device

  1. You need to connect device with USB Cable
  2. Enable Developer Option & USB Debugging from device settings
  3. If you’re not finding developer option, goto about phone, tap build number for multiple times
  4. Execute `flutter devices` to check connected devices
  5. Execute `flutter run` to run your app on device

How to run flutter apps on Android device wirelessly (remotely)

  1. Follow the above step & make sure you’ve successfully run the app
  2. Then execute `adb tcpip 5555`
  3. Check your device IP address (Make sure, all your device is connected on same network
  4. execute `adb connect YOURIP:5555`
  5. Remove USB & Execute `flutter devices` & `flutter run`